About Some the Wiser

(Note: This belongs on the About page – tab above – but blogger is foiling my posting plans. So here it is for now.)

Hello and welcome to my corner of the web! I am Allison: writer, photographer, and Mama to three little ones (all girls!). 

I’ve loved blogs since the beginning of blogs. I found my first blog eleven years ago as a senior in high-school and I was hooked. I crawled out of my tiny teenage world and discovered a new kind of community. I could connect and interact with people in different states, faraway countries, people of all ages, people I likely would have never met otherwise.Life was bigger, and people were closer.

I jumped on the trend train after college and signed up for a blog. I blogged here and there, from time to time. I wasn’t a “serious” blogger, but I loved participating in the web community.

And then everything fell apart.

In October 2009, my husband left me. We had just bought a house. We were expecting our third baby. The day before he left we were planning where to plant trees in the backyard and making holiday travel plans. And then he was gone.

At nearly five months pregnant, some serious pregnancy complications had landed me on strict bed rest for almost three months. I wasn’t supposed to sit up, let alone get up. My world was shattering, the sky caving in and all I could do was lay in bed as the broken promises and devastated possibilities pummeled me. I felt broken and alone; an utter failure and a hopeless mess.

So I blogged.

It was raw and jagged. It was pathetic and useless. It was the truth. And it saved me.

The world wide community I had long admired on the web came together to break my fall. Hundreds of comments poured in from people all over the world offering comfort, support, kindness. It was incredible and moving and just what I needed to remind me that, despite the rubble all around me, life is good.

Now, not quite two years post trauma, I can say with authority that Life is Good. I haven’t got it all figured out, not even close, but I know that when things fall apart the best thing to do is put them back together. I have started over and this time I’d like to be some the wiser.

Meet my girl crew, my best (and noisiest) reminders of just how good life is:

                                                                                                        Esme Lille.

4, but almost 5. Currently loves hiding (under beds, behind doors, in curtains) to jump out and scare me. Can make up her own knock knock jokes, anwhere, anytime. Reads at least 100 books a day. Has every intention of being a ballerina for life. Loves birds, dirt, dressing up, and swings.

Eila Ruth. 3, and just barely. Mischief loving, but oh so sweet. Loves to sing, paint, color, and build. Writes letters O and A with great pride. Puzzle enthusiast. Thinks it’s time to eat at least once every hour. Gives the best hugs. Is a yoga genius. Picks her own clothes and dresses herself. Always.

Adelaide Jean. 1, and loving it! Can walk, slowly. Can talk, hardly. Is the recipient of many funny nicknames, including but never limited to: Ada, Adalady, Jeanie, Baby Biscuit, and Baby Eyeballs. Just discovered that books not only taste good, but also have fun pictures inside. Could win a screaming contest. Blows kisses that melt my heart every.single.time.

And I am one lucky Mama! I like to make things, like bread and apple pie. I am learning how to sew and I am a knitting addict. I love all things old-fashioned.  My parents and my grandparents are my heroes.  I read a lot of books, take a lot of pictures, and try to pay attention to the beauty life has to offer. My goal is to live a deliberate life and find happiness on purpose.

Thank you for being here, for being part of my community. You make my life more meaningful.

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