Words of Wisdom

I owe a huge Thank You to everyone who has joined me this week as I embark on this new blogging adventure! And thank you for bearing with me as I finish getting this site up and running. By the end of this week I hope to have everything running smoothly here and next week we can have more fun with words and images.

Today’s post is about the Bookshop tab. Finding myself at the frayed end of an unravelled marriage brought me to my knees. And I stayed there for a while. I’ve heard so many times how the trials and the obstacles and the pain can be learning experiences, life’s tools for making us stronger. Or something like that.

But when you end up underneath a ton of bricks, it just hurts.

As I have spent the past months digging my way out of the rubble of a demolished past life, I found words of great wisdom that helped me on my way. I offer to you a selection of some of the tools I have found that have inspired new ways of thinking, challenged old patterns, and invited peace into my life and my children’s lives.

Click Here for My Selections.

I will be adding to these selections and making changes from time to time.  Have any good recommendations?  Books that have changed your life (any genre)?  Tell me in the comments.

May you go gently, be wonderful, and find peace around every corner.

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