My Big, Brown Dilemma

UPDATE: Thank you friends for voting and commenting!  WHITE it is!  I’m going to be brave and paint.  You guys are awesome!  I’ll show you what happens.
Good morning my internet neighbors.  I need your help this morning.  I am decorating, planning, and working in a mostly DIY kind of way to turn my house into a home.  It needs a lot of help.  Right now I am stuck.  I am lying awake in bed at night, I am day dreaming at the dinner table, I am fast becoming the most indecisive person I know. 

And here’s the big dilemma: should I paint my brick fireplace white? 

Check out the photos below (And do not laugh too hard at my lame photoshop attempt. And do not pay too much attention to anything other than the fireplace, because it may, and likely will, all change.) and use my little voting poll to help me make a decision.  I am envisioning something like this or this.  Thank you friends for your help.

My Ballot Box
Should I paint my brick fireplace white?

Great idea you design genius!

Don’t pick up a paintbrush

White sucks, how about gray?

Eat my shorts

View Results

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