Cell phones, or chickens?

Have you noticed lately how connected everyone is? 

I photographed a wedding over the weekend and I really had to laugh when the just married couple pulled out their cell phones only minutes after vows had been made and altar photos shot.  They needed to change their relationship status on Facebook to Married. 

I laughed even harder when not 30 seconds later, a bridesmaid had received the status update on her phone and immediately signed in to Facebook so she could “Like” it.  The two other bridesmaids quickly followed suit. 

Now I am not going to pass judgment here or write any social commentary on this.  I can’t.  I am blogging – on the world wide web – at 12:30 A.M. – when any sane person would and should be sleeping.  What’s more, I am probably definitely going to check Facebook before I finally give in and go to bed.  And don’t even ask me about Pinterest.

Pinterest, I want to take you behind the bleachers and kiss you on the lips.

So what business is it of mine if people need to text during a wedding or update their Facebook page from the bathroom?  Whatever.  But there is this old-fashioned part of me that longs for the days of letter writing and telegrams and weddings without cell phones.  I am just having a hard time getting on board with all this technology lately.

Yeah, I am totally going to check my email for the one millionth time today when I finish typing this paragraph.  But, I’d rather have a chicken than a smart phone, if you know what I mean.

What do you think about all this technology and social media?
Have you seen people using their phones at odd times, in odd places?
Do you feel really connected?
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