Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes here at Some the Wiser, we’ve been having a few rough weeks.  I told you how we all had the flu.  I didn’t tell you how just after we recovered from that horrid week, everyone came down with strep throat.  Gah.  And after that finally cycled its way out of the house, we had a bout of high fevers followed by roseola. 

I thought it was over.  I am certainly due a break, right?  Wrong.  Now poor baby Adelaide is miserably sick.  I haven’t slept in days.  I am starting to feel stir crazy.  I need to get out of the house, but the only place we’re going is to see the doctor.  I am putting all my best Mama Mantras to work now and practicing some deep breathing.  And I am tending, with care, to my sweet little ones, who only become sweeter when feverish.

Here are a few useful things I’ve found:

I love this comprehensive book of natural and conventional methods of treating illness.

I found this useful description of the warming socks method.  I tried it yesterday and found that it really does work to bring down a fever.

These popsicles are good for the soul (and for the tummy when no one has an appetite).

And this gentle reminder of all that is good in life is helping Mama stay centered here.

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