Rainy Day Manifesto

It is raining outside tonight. 

It has been hot and dry here all summer so the rain that has graced these desert skies the past few days has been glorious.  I  have been sitting here enjoying the cool air coming through the open windows and the drumming soundtrack of rain dropping and I realized something.

It’s nice that it isn’t always sunny.

After the week I have had, this was a welcome realization because life is like that too you know; it isn’t always sunny.  It’s going to rain and it’s going to pour.   I know this, but I forget sometimes that it’s okay.

It’s okay to be sad.

Right now I am sad.  It’s okay to say it aloud.  I don’t have to pretend it’s not there. It won’t last forever.  It doesn’t need to be fixed, though sometimes a hug is nice.  It’s okay to acknowledge it, though it doesn’t need to be explained.  It’s okay.

And when it’s cloudy and grey, you can always hold out for rainbows.  That’s my plan.


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