The Internet is Weird

I don’t look at my blog stats very often, but I happened upon them today and I saw some strange things. 

The keyword searches that bring people to my blog are so weird.

Some of the key word searches make sense, like “some the wiser,” or “single mom.”   There are lot of hits from those searches and I hope the people searching those key words found something useful here.

Some of the key word searches are kind of odd, like “I hate spelt pancakes” and “fire place big lots,” and “plagiarize ten things.”   I have quite a few hits from these phrases and I don’t really understand.   Just for the record, I do not hate spelt pancakes and I do my very best to avoid plagiarizing anything.  I can only assume the people searching these phrases found themselves in the wrong place when they clicked on my site.

Then there are the key word searches that make me laugh, like “british variety female,” and “knit pants monkey,” and “magical babies read.”   I like all of these, a lot. 

My favorite one, however, is the weirdest of all. 

There was only one hit from this key word search, thank goodness, but I have a few questions for the person who googled this and landed on my site: “why forced to sleep with my older brother.” 


This post brought to you by google + blogger + a few weirdos.

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