A Step Back

I am always wrestling with my feelings about technology (remember cell phones and chickens?), though I never seem to make it past confused.  I love it and I hate it, you know.

Take Facebook for example.  I love that it reminds me of everyone’s birthday and it is so simple to type a quick birthday greeting on someone’s Facebook Wall and know that their birthday has been acknowledged.  It’s convenient and quick, like most technology advances I worry over.  But is it meaningful? 

I waffle back and forth on things like whether or not emailing a message is better because it is more eco-friendly.  And so many things come down to time, at least that’s what I am always hearing.  Sending a message via the internet is quick – but isn’t the internet kind of a time waster anyway.  Sure, it takes some time to sit down and handwrite a card and stick it in the mail, but how much time was wasted on empty web surfing, and sorting through junkmail in the email inbox today? 

I think what I have to keep coming back to is what feels most meaningful to me, what feels most fulfilling.  So I’m pulling out the old typewriter again, buying a new ink ribbon for it, and following my heart the best way I know how. 

I love the internet, but I think I’m going to type a few messages, make a few birthday cards and send them the old fashioned way for the exact same reason I like to make my own bread: I want to feel connected in a meaningful way.  

I think Dr. Seuss captured it so well when he said, ““Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”   Yep, this is us keeping it simple today.

I’d really like to know what makes you feel connected – to the people in your life, to your family, to your own creative self?  Please share!

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