Summer Postcards: Cliff’s

I know amusement parks seem like good summer fun, but really they just aren’t my thing.  The crowds, the noise, the flashing lights, the dirt and grime.  I’d really rather stay home and knit. 

But I will make an exception. 

This week we went to Albuquerque’s local amusement park, Cliff’s, and I went because, and only because, it was closed!  My Dad’s company rented the park so we gathered the family together and enjoyed an evening of rides and pulled pork and ice cream, without the normal crowds.  It wasn’t knitting, but it was fun.  I even found myself upside-down at one point in the evening.

And, just for the record, I am ignoring all talk of summer ending.  I keep hearing rumors that it is on its way out, but I am holding out for September 21st.  Summer is still on at my house!
What are some of the best things you’ve done this summer? 
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