Pin it to Real Life

A Note to My Readers:  I want to thank everyone who comes here – I consider everyone of you an important part of my “community” and I am so thankful for the world wide web that makes such a unique and diverse community possible.  It means so much to me when you take the time to leave me a comment or share the posts that you think have some value. 

Yesterday’s post has already been viewed thousands of times and shared more than any post I have written previously.  It amazes me, in such a good way, to see words that are near to my heart be spread as something of value to others as well.  Thank you, from my heart and home to yours.  

I think I’ve mentioned my deep love of pinterest before, right?  Something about taking it behind the bleachers and . . .  Well, we’ve taken our relationship to the next level. 

I was getting ready to make a lifelong commitment and offer to have Pinterest’s babies when it occurred to me that I was really in a onesided relationship.  Pinterest, my dear Pinterest, was doing all the work. 

What good are all of my fabulous pin boards if all they remain are online pinboards.  Well, because I am so committed to this relationship, I decided to put my back into it.  Ahem, so to speak.   I decided to start pinning things to real life too.  

Seriously, Pinterest, we just got that much better together.  Truly, madly, deeply. 

I picked a few pins to start with and here is baby number one: 

I pinned a beautiful baby quilt (see it here) some time ago.  Then, a dear friend asked if I would pretty-please make her sweet son a baby blanket.  Yes of course!  And I knew just the one.  Pinterest and I work together like that – two peas in a pod . . .
It took me some time (has it really been so long? are we still friends? can you forgive me dear friend?) but here it is in pictures – and as you read this, it is in the mail to its rightful owner.  I send it with love. 
Back of Quilt
I’ll be back with more from my personal Pin it to Real Life challenge.  Pinterest, we are so good together.
What have you been pinning lately?  Have you pinned anything to Real Life yet?
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