Six Degrees of Yellow

I’ve been working on my personal “Pin it to Real Life” challenge, and since that is far more interesting than the strep throat that everyone here is suffering from, I’ll show you something I actually finished!

I came across this dresser on Pinterest some time ago and fell in love right away.  When my mom spotted an old dresser at the local thrift shop, I knew it was meant to be.  After carting it home and discovering an old woman’s personal papers taped under one of the drawers (!), we cleaned it up and set to work making it a suitable piece of furniture for the girls’ bedroom.

I chose a darker shade of yellow to coordinate with the very light yellow on the girls’ bedroom walls.  Thank you Pinterest!  It was easy and quick and I adore the finished product!   Don’t you?

The decorating in the girls bedroom is almost done and I can’t wait to show you the whole room soon!  I just need to get rid of that carpet . . .
Have you completed any fun Pinterest inspired projects lately? 
Any good decorating inspirations to share? 
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