Something I’ve noticed on my quest to be “Some the Wiser” is that clutter in my home (the garage, the file cabinet in my office, my bedroom closet-the catchall for misfit items, my unintentional junk drawer) is a pretty good representation of the clutter in my head.

I didn’t really think that stack of unsorted and unfiled papers I shoved into the office filing cabinet was that big of a deal.  I also didn’t think that the misplaced odds and ends in the garage were a top priority right now.

But I’ve been feeling stressed, a little scattered and a lot overwhelmed.

When I stopped to think about where I am lately and how I’m doing (some introspection every now and then is good when you’re questing for wisdom you know) it struck me just how much all the corners of my home look like the corners of my mind right now.

That stack of papers I’ve been neglecting is the physical manifestation of the stack of things I haven’t wanted to think about lately.  The garage clutter looks a lot like all the questions without answers I’ve been worrying over in recent weeks.

My outer world is a reflection of my inner world.

Nice to know.

And since I still don’t have the answers to all those worrisome questions, and I’m not sure I want to face the mountain of monsters my mind has been conjuring up, I guess I have to clean the garage.

How do you deal with clutter, mental and material? 
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