A Seasons Walk

In keeping with my “Year of Soulemama,” we took a Seasons Walk to mark the first day of Autumn. 

The kids all noticed the bursts of red and yellow that have arrived to wish all the fading greens goodbye.  They watched the river, and the birds, and the breeze as it danced with the trees. They collected leaves and seed pods and handfuls of dirt

I noticed how big my babies suddenly seem. I watched how big sisters helped the smaller ones, how they bravely climbed to the tops of trees they used to get stuck on, how they played and talked and laughed with each other knowing I was nearby but content to be on their own.  I collected memories of them right now, with their mischevious smiles, skinned knees, and salt water sandals.

“In the busy days of family life, where so often the days can fly right on by, First Day walks are one easy, simple, and lovely way to slow things down just a little bit. The tradition becomes a simple and beautiful way to mark the changing seasons, the passage of time, and the growth of a family.” 
~ Amanda Soule in The Rhythm of Family 

Yes, it was a lovely day.

The First Day walk has certainly become a part of our seasonal family traditions.  But of course we mustn’t let old traditions be forgotten, so we also pulled out the Autumn Book Basket this weekend as well.  There is something so special about a basket of books that only makes its appearance once a year! 

These are some of our Fall favorites.  Do you have any Autumn books you would add to the list?  What are some of your favorite Autumn traditions?  Please share!

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