Autumn Crafts and Activities: Alphabet Glue Giveaway

The weather is getting gray here, wet skies and clouds.  With a case of the sniffles and a cool breeze keeping us indoors right now, Annie Reichmann’s THIRD edition of Alphabet Glue arrived at just the right time!

This Autumn edition is my favorite one of all!

The kids browsed it upon arrival and picked the leaf story bunting activity to start the fun.  The girls drew pictures of their favorite parts of Woody, Hazel, and Little Pip (an Autumn classic round these parts) and then hung them in the order they unfolded in the book.  When it was hung, Eila pronounced it a “perfect story decoration.”  Why, yes it is!

Some of my favorite parts of Alphabet Glue #3:

  • A Year of Favorites Reading Calendar
  • Fabric Covered Center Stitch Books
  • Activity: Question Boxes
  • And, oh my, all the book lists! 
Some of the kids’ favorite parts: 
  • Printable: The Ants Go Marching Story Map
  • Project: Accordion Fold Sticker Book
  • Toothpick Bridges 
  • Printable: Story Excitement Charts 
Just like the last two editions of Alphabet Glue, this is going to be a valuable source of fun and learning at our house for a long time.  

Alphabet Glue Giveaway

Want a copy of your own?  You can purchase one here: Alphabet Glue.  You can also enter to win a copy by leaving a comment on this post by Tuesday, October 11 at 5pm MST.  Annie, of the lovely blog Bird and Little Bird, has generously offered FIVE COPIES to my readers.  Thank you Annie! 

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