Honk if you hate Christmas in November (I don’t)

I keep hearing complaints about Christmas arriving too early.  What?  We are talking about the same holiday, right?  That season of light and peace?  The holiday that inspires goodwill to all men and the joy of giving?   Can this really arrive too early?  
If you are cursing Christmas, well then I am pretty sure we are not talking about the same holiday.  If hearing a holiday song in November, or seeing a string of lights before Thanksgiving has you rolling your eyes and muttering on your facebook wall, then you might be confused. 
Christmas isn’t hours of shopping or decorating.  It isn’t a big credit card bill.  It isn’t a to do list.  It isn’t a load of baked goods, or party invites, or even familial obligations.  
Christmas is a time of remembering.  Remember the comfort of bringing the light and warmth indoors this time of year.  Remember to give thanks for your blessings, great and small.  Remember how it feels to share a bit of light and warmth with someone else.  Remember the joy of traditions, the awe and excitement of waiting for good things to come. 
Remember the birth.  Remember the message: “My peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.”
It’s never too early to remember. 
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