Snow Day

I took these photos on a snow day in early January.  We started the year off in the snow, and it looks like we’ll be ending the year likewise – the kids, of course, couldn’t be happier.  After a few days of cold weather and skiffs of snow, we woke up this morning to a full blown snow storm. 

The kids are still gathered at the windows marveling at the snow, fallen and falling, and making plans for the day.  HUGE snowmen!  FIFTY snow angels!  WIN Grandpa in a snowball fight!  There is even talk of an igloo!  My plans have me by the fireplace and the oven – baked eggs, cinnamon rolls, homemade hot chocolate, maybe even rice pudding.  I love a good snow day!

P.S. I don’t doubt we’ll end this day with hot chocolate in the bathtub again!  I will also try to make it back here with a few photos of our adventures.
Wishing you warm thoughts wherever you are today! 
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