Favorite Family + Kid Games: Holiday Gift Ideas

We play a lot of games at our house.  There are a lot of good game options for really young kids, and we have enjoyed many of them.  However, now that the girls are getting a little bit older, our game options are increasing and I couldn’t be more excited.  Maybe, just maybe, I will only be called to play Memory fifty times a day instead of seventy five.  (Seriously, my girls are crazy about memory).

These are a few of our favorite games that I am sure would make great holiday gifts!

Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers

(though my school-age daughter still loves them too!)

The Picnic Game:
Try to create a balanced meal on your plate before the ants steal your food.
It even comes with an adorable mini table cloth that my girls love!

Animal Bingo:
One of the first games my girls were able to play. 
I personally adore the illustrations!

A lovely version of Memory – and I would know because
I have only played it ten million times!
Another fun version of Memory. I love this one because it always
starts interesting discussions about other countries and cultures.
The Head to Toe game by Eric Carle is a great way to get
the little ones moving and learning the parts of the body.

The Princess and the Pea Game by Haba. 
Much loved by my girls!

Games for Elementary Kids

Tell Me A Story – Fairy Tale Mix-up.
These story cards work well for pre-readers, but my little reader loves them too!
They also have different story versions like Robots, Circus, etc.
The Yoga Garden game is a fun cooperative game that also teaches yoga moves.

An old favorite that is quickly gaining in popularity at our house!

Rat a Tat Cat.  I really feel like every time we play this game,
we get smarter.  Seriously.

A good ol’ favorite!

We don’t have this one yet, but we will soon. Shh, don’t tell.
It sounds like it will be a hit here!

What family games are loved at your house?
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