Outside of My Comfort Zone

I never take pictures of myself.  In fact, I hardly ever find myself in front of anyone’s camera.  It might take hired help and a large magnifying glass to find very many pictures of me taken in the last few years. 

This year, I am making more of an effort to document our “everyday” life.  For better or worse, this goal corresponds with my new resolve to wear lipstick.  I have never worn lipstick because I was certain I wasn’t quite old enough yet.  But . . . I am almost 30 years old now.  So . . . I am trying out a few bright shades of the lip stuff. 

How’s it going?  The lipstick, I mean.  Well, I feel a little like I lost a bet every time I leave the house with it on.  I’m not giving up yet though.  (Friends, feel free to call in your anonymous warnings).

Enough with comfort zones though, here I am in front of the camera – with lipstick no less.

Ada, on the other hand, is quite comfortable in front of the camera.  She’s working on some new poses right now, perfecting her image if you will.

This is what happens when I say, “Ada, smile for me”:

And, I should know better than to say, “Ada, look at the camera.”  She is way too cool to fall for that old trick.

I’m just waiting for her to find the lipstick and really get the party started. 

Ladies, do you wear lipstick?  How do you pick your colors?

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