A Childhood Milestone

Once upon a time, Esme had two loose teeth.  Despite what all the other five and six year olds on the block were saying, she didn’t think this was cool.  
Wiggly teeth?  Ewww. 

So, Esme left her teeth alone and the new teeth started to grow in behind them.  When Mom saw this, she didn’t think this was cool.  
Extra teeth?  Ewww.  She scheduled a trip to the dentist.
A trip to the dentist?  Esme did not like this.  There was wailing and moaning, screaming and groaning.  So Grandma made a Tooth Fairy Doll to accompany Esme to the big bad dentist.

The doll worked some magic and Esme felt better about losing two teeth.

Well, kind of.

With the help of some laughing gas, a little Mom comfort, and a team of brave dental hygienists, Esme got rid of those two extra wiggly teeth. 

Now, she thinks of the experience fondly.  Yes, that time she was really brave.  Really, it was no big deal, she says.

The tooth fairy compensated her accordingly.   The End.

Now, where is the parenting fairy that makes me feel better about having a kid, that I know was just a tiny milky bundle yesterday, old enough to be toothless?

How do you acknowledge your children’s growing-up milestones?  I feel like they are so special and I’d love some memory-making suggestions.

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