A Saint Patrick’s Day Party (and a Birthday!)

My sweet baby was born on Saint Patrick’s Day two years ago.  Two years ago!  Instead of dwelling too much on how two whole years could have possibly passed us by, we planned a party to celebrate.

When it comes to birthdays, I think keeping it simple helps to make it more special – more about the celebration of a life and a little less about the “stuff.”   That being said, I love a good theme party and I couldn’t resist the chance to use all the fun that comes with Saint Patrick’s Day.  After all, this is likely the last birthday party I will ever get to plan for her on my own.  This time next year, I am certain she’ll be running the show.

(And yes, I know Saint Patrick’s Day and Adelaide’s Birthday are not officially until next weekend, but we had to pull some strings so that everyone could be at the party.  Who needs calendars anyway? Right?)

With the Irish in mind, we had a baked potato bar with all the toppings, and a rainbow of fruit too!  Check out The Yummy Life for more Baked Potato Bar topping ideas.
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In keeping with the Green theme, I made a Cilantro Lime Compound Butter that was delicious (and pretty) on whole grain bread (butter recipe from Good Life Eats).

(Framed Saint Patrick’s Day Art, free download, from Eighteen 25)

And there were cupcakes, of course!  To be more specific, there were Mint Lime Cupcakes with a lime curd filling.  They were really, really good. You can find the recipe here.

Ada enjoyed the cupcakes too!

She tried really hard to stay clean, despite all the frosting.  She’s a tidy girl.

Some of our friends, however, were more interested in consuming than cleaning.  Right on, I say! 
 And, even with all that Green Theme business, we still stayed true to our favorite birthday traditions – the handmade dress, the birthday crown, and a few simple + hand crafted gifts that are certain to become heirlooms.  Okay, maybe the sunglasses aren’t heirloom material, but golly they sure are cute! 

The mostly simple Saint Patrick’s Day Birthday Party was a success. Ada pronounced it a “Happy Day!” and I would have to agree.  I can’t wait for all that the next year brings for this sweet girl of mine!

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What are the Birthday Traditions in your house?

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