Books About Spring

We’ve been fighting our way through sickness this past week, and we may still have a few more days of it.  I wouldn’t wish this nasty flu/cold bug on anyone, but I have caught a few glimpses of silver lining as we’ve been holed up here.  There has been a lot of cuddling, resting, and a lot of reading.

I pulled out our Spring book basket this week, to welcome the new season and ease the boredom of kids (and a mom) stuck in bed.  Here are a few of our favorite Spring books, which hopefully you can enjoy without our sniffles and sneezes (clicking on the book covers will take you to the books on Amazon):

How Robin Saved Spring

by Debbie Ouellet

Lady Winter doesn’t want to give up her throne.  The world is blanketed in ice and snow and Sister Spring will continue sleeping.  Robin and the animals can’t let winter last forever!  How can they wake Sister Spring and save the day?

and then it’s spring

by Julie Fogliano

This boy and his dog are tired of winter’s browns.  They decide to plant a garden, but they still have to wait through the rains and several shades of brown before Spring brings them new colors to enjoy.

A New Beginning

by Wendy Pfeffer

A nonfiction look at the Spring Equinox that children will love!  It explores the science of spring, as well as its celebration in cultures throughout the world.  It’s filled with lovely illustrations and prose.

Mama, Is it Summer Yet?

by Nikki McClure

No, it’s not summer yet, but Mama is happy to point out all the signs of Spring to her wondering child.  Beautiful illustrations and lyrical prose.

Ininatig’s Gift of Sugar

by Laura Watterman Wittstock

Learn more about the Native American spring traditions of sugar making.  While explaining the process, the author also weaves in the traditional story of Ininatig, the Man Tree, and his gift to the earth.

At Grandpa’s Sugar Bush

by Margaret Carney

With his Grandpa, a young boy learns to make syrup the old fashioned way.  This is more than just a book about welcoming spring, it is about a beautiful bond with nature and how this bond is shared and passed from generation to generation.

And the Good Brown Earth

by Kathy Henderson

A sweet story about a grandmother and her grandson planting a garden.  This book takes you from Spring, through the cycle of seasons in a garden and back to Spring again.

What favorite storybooks do you enjoy during the Spring season?

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