A Good Dose of Reality

Sometimes I get these pictures in my head that look a little too much like something I saw on the internet.  And then I get crazy ideas that I can make our real life look like something I saw on the internet.  We can have a Pinterest worthy afternoon, I think, if I only try hard enough.

I picture homemade milkshakes and imagine us sipping them through cute straws and enjoying the sunshine while wearing matching outfits.  I imagine us taking a post-snack walk through the trees and the flowers and I will bring my camera and capture happy nature moments.  It will be like something I saw on the internet.

And then I have a few real life moments instead.

I do make milkshakes, but my kids take their straws out of the cups and blow my homemade concoction all over the kitchen and themselves.  The cute straws become significantly less cute.  Milkshakes are a bust.

I am determined to salvage the dream in my head though, so I rally the troops for a nature walk.  It is almost dinner time though and that means it probably isn’t a good idea to drive anywhere.  I cut the pretty trees and flowers out of my daydream and we take our walk on the nearby mesa.  

It wasn’t like anything I saw on the internet.  There was a lot of dirt.  I forgot that the kids don’t have a jcrew wardrobe.  Nobody was much interested in my camera.  I pulled a lot of rocks out of shoes (who thought sandals on the mesa were a good idea?).  One kid peed her pants before we made it back.

Yeah, it was like that.  I was going to call it a failure, but I realized there was a more positive approach than under achievement.  Instead,  I am posting it on the internet anyway.  Look!  Now you can enjoy the glaring down-slope my family entertainment ideals have taken and know that it won’t take much for you to follow suit.  The next time your kid pees their pants on a family outing it will be just like something you saw on the internet.  Put a pin in that.

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