First Days of Summer: #22 and #6

It is summer time in our neighborhood.  We made our summer list a few weeks ago, and now it’s finally time to get started and put some action behind the words.  This week, my brother hooked us up twice!  First, he got us in to a nice swimming pool with no crowds.

Then, he found out about a FREE day at the natural history museum and invited us to join in.  We spent the morning with the dinosaurs, had a 99 cent breakfast in the normally-too-expensive-to-try cafe, and then headed to nearby Old Town for some play time and ice cream at the park.  My brother is a really good brother, and a really awesome Uncle!  Our summer is off to a good start.

P.S. Thank you Instagram for making it possible for me to snap a few memories without having to haul around the big camera.  And thank you relatives for letting me borrow your ipads to snap said Instagrams – someday, oh someday, I will have an iphone.

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