Lindt R.S.V.P. Chocolate Party!

The best thing ever recently happened to me!  In an effort to spread the word about their new Lindt R.S.V.P. program, Lindt sent me a package for a Chocolate Preview Party.  In other words, Lindt sent me A LOT of Chocolate!  I am pretty well convinced that a Chocolate Tasting Party is as good as it gets. 


A Lindt R.S.V.P. Chocolate Tasting is about so much more than just eating chocolate! Although I am not an official Lindt Representative, I had so much fun previewing what a Chocolate Tasting is all about.  It was an educational experience for both me and my guests.  Fine chocolate is a true delicacy and it really does involve all five senses. 

To fully appreciate the chocolate, we tasted three different types of chocolate (Lindt 70% Cocoa, Lindt White Coconut, and Lindt Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate) using all five senses. 

  • Sight: Premium chocolate should have a silky sheen and a smooth, even texture.
  • Touch: Lightly feel how smooth the surface is.
  • Hearing: Hold it up to your ear and break a piece of chocolate. It should have a crisp snap.
  • Smell: Try to pick out different notes – currant, spice, even earth.
  • Taste: Let the chocolate dissolve slowly and coat each part of your tongue. Notice all the flavors. 

Lindt uses the world’s finest ingredients, artisan-like craftsmanship and innovation to create the ultimate chocolate tasting experience.   To make sure that my guests were able to fully appreciate Lindt’s gourmet chocolate I followed tasting guidelines like never storing chocolate in the freezer, drinking room temperature water during a tasting, and cleansing the palate between chocolate samples with unsalted crackers.  The whole experience was pure pleasure and enjoyment!

Some of the guests favorite chocolates were the Lindt White Coconut Bar and the Swiss Orange Milk Chocolate; we also really enjoyed tasting all the different flavors of truffles! 

As part of the preview party, I also received a copy of Lindt’s recipe book, Lindt Chocolate Passion, which is full of delicious ways to use Lindt chocolate.  I made the classic chocolate brownies, which we served with vanilla ice cream and Lindt’s Chocolate Fudge Sauce.  They were AMAZING!  Making brownies with real, high quality chocolate (Lindt Swiss Bittersweet) is so much better, more rich and flavorful, than just using cocoa powder. 

Hosting a Lindt R.S.V.P. Chocolate Tasting was so much fun.  We learned a lot and we ate a lot!  I am glad I had the opportunity to experience Lindt’s gourmet chocolate in such a unique way!   I even felt very official in my Lindt Apron as I walked my guests through the fine art of chocolate tasting. 

I can’t think of very many things more fun, or more delicious, than hosting a Lindt Chocolate Tasting! You can learn more about the Lindt R.S.V.P. Program here.  My guests and I had a wonderful experience with Lindt and Lindt’s chocolate is beyond comparison!

P.S. I found directions for making the paper flowers and the diy candy boxes here.  

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