One Day this Summer

Since I served bagels and cream cheese to company for dinner today, and since I went to church with very unwashed hair today, I think I’ll tell you about how we crossed #94 off our summer list.  That makes sense, right?  Well, it’s summer time and it’s hot and we’ve been eating way more than our fair share of ice cream for dinner, so the way I see it, I don’t have to make any sense.

Into the woods we go . . .

There you have it: Us, loving the great outdoors with homemade pies cooked in the Jemez Pueblo Indians’ ovens, and a whole lot of dirt in our shoes.   I am feeling so good about getting a blog post done in this lazy summer heat that I think I will actually go wash my hair eat some more ice cream.

P.S.  Recognize those tunnels?  Probably because they were in this movie  , and I even made an exception to my “I don’t watch movies with horses in them” rule just so I could see my favorite part of the mountain’s film debut.  Now, no more movies with horses.

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