A Back to School Feast + Family Theme

There is nothing I love more than being a mother.  My kids are my favorite people in the world and they bring me endless joy.  No amount of sibling rivalry, laundry, legos on the floor, or peed pants can diminish the happiness I feel every day that I get to spend with my girls.  I feel so blessed.

This year I have two kids in school.  Esme is in first grade at a lovely Montessori school across town (lovely minus the fact that it is across town, gah) and Eila is in preschool for three hours/day, four days a week.  I hate it when they’re gone.

I always imagined that I would home school, long before I even had children.  But life is all about bending in the wind, or something like that, and so here we are.  Right now, this is working for us and aside from the fact that I miss them something terrible when they’re gone, everyone is happy with the arrangement.

To celebrate the school year ahead of us, mark important milestones, and console this mama’s heart, we had a Back to School Feast.  Inspired by NieNie (because it’s impossible to be anything but inspired by NieNie), we also picked a family theme for the school year.

“Be kind and be grateful that God is kind.”  Jeffrey R. Holland

If our Back to School Feast is any indication, I think our year is going to be a really good one!

Cupcakes from Caked, my favorite local bakery!

Sometimes we play with our food.  No big deal. It’s a tortilla frame.
I made each of the girls a journal for the school year.

“This was the best day ever”

Oh, how I love these girls.  God truly has been kind to me, and I am so grateful.

How do you mark the beginning of the school year?  Any family traditions?

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