Albuquerque Lavender Festival

One of the things on our summer list that we wanted to accomplish this year was to go to a Lavender Festival.  Luckily we have one in town here, so while my sister and her kids were visiting this summer we made it our mission to get some lavender.

The festival was wonderful!  I attended some classes on cooking with lavender, visited the pet parade, bought all sorts of goodness at the farmer’s market, held baby animals, and chatted with knitters, spinners, and weavers.  We could not have enjoyed ourselves more!

We’ve also been making some delicious treats with our lavender from the festival – I’ll share the recipe in the next post.  In the meantime, here are some snapshots of all the fun.

This one makes me laugh. 
Montoya’s Peaches are my favorite.  We buy them every year. 
My sister’s gorgeous baby.  I love those cheeks.
Not all face painting is created equal.  Luckily neither sister realized that.
Los Poblanos Organic’s Farm + Lavender fields

Coming up next, I’ll share one of my favorite lavender treat recipes.

Tell me, what do you use lavender for?

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