Simple Autumn Candles

I love seasonal decorations, but if I don’t keep it simple, it doesn’t happen.  I think it would be fun to deck the house with spiders and pumpkins for Halloween or create a gorgeous autumn mantle to celebrate the season, but most of the time my good intentions are never realized and the season has passed before I’ve found time to do much decorating.

These Simple Autumn Candles are my solution to the decorating dilemma this year.  They will last through all the autumn months and they are a pretty seasonal touch on the dining room table, the living room mantle, and all the book shelves in the house.  Best of all, they cost next to nothing and take about fifteen minutes to put together.

Make your own Autumn Candles

Suggested Supplies

Mason Jars, any size
Glass Votives, any size
Yarn or String
Baker’s Twine
Hot Glue Gun, or other craft glue
Leaves, Berries, twigs,

To make the candles, simply tie jute, or preferred material, around the candle holder and secure with a few dots of glue.  I gathered leaves and Pyracantha berries from around my yard to bring a little of nature’s decor into the house.

A few more Simple Autumn Decorations:

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Painted Acorns | Modge Podge Rocks
Natural Centerpiece | The Inspired Room
Autumn Branches | Pinterest

How do you decorate for Autumn at your house?

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