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A Good Dose of Reality

Sometimes I get these pictures in my head that look a little too much like something I saw on the internet.  And then I get crazy ideas that I can make our real life look like something I saw on … Continue reading

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A Childhood Milestone

Once upon a time, Esme had two loose teeth.  Despite what all the other five and six year olds on the block were saying, she didn’t think this was cool.   Wiggly teeth?  Ewww.    So, Esme left her teeth alone … Continue reading

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Soul to Soul Parenting + A Giveaway!

As a parent I want to raise children that are happy, confident, spiritually conscious people.  I want to model self-love, gratitude, and authenticity to my children.  This is my life task, what it means to me to be a parent. … Continue reading

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The Best Message EVER

Last night I left my kids a message. This morning, after the hustle and bustle of breakfast and morning appointments was over, I noticed one of the kids (the literate one) left me a message in return. Nevermind that she … Continue reading

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Make Dinner Count: Turn Meal Time into a Positive Family Experience

As a single mother with three small children at home, dinner used to feel like a lot of work. My three kids often met my efforts with something like this: “I don’t want green beans again. She got the pink … Continue reading

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It’s Important to Think Twice Before You Judge Another

Everyone knows what it feels like to be judged. I am a parent, so heaven knows I’ve been judged because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knows what “good parenting” is and they wrote the definition. I am also a single parent, … Continue reading

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How to Help Other People’s Kids (They Deserve It)

A few months ago I wrote a post about a disturbing parenting scene I observed at a grocery store: “Give Them What They Deserve.”   I wrote it because my heart hurt for the little boy who had been treated with … Continue reading

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