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Outside of My Comfort Zone

I never take pictures of myself.  In fact, I hardly ever find myself in front of anyone’s camera.  It might take hired help and a large magnifying glass to find very many pictures of me taken in the last few … Continue reading

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Birds + Bats + Kids

My dad has always loved birds.  He notices them everywhere he goes and can call them by name.  As a kid, I thought this was something to continually roll my eyes about.  Peregrine Falcon on the lightpost outside the gas … Continue reading

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Ham and Cheese Apple Wraps: Healthy Finger Foods

I love to snack.  I often have a pocket full of chocolate chips and nuts to satisfy my sweet tooth throughout the day.  I enjoy chips and salsa before the meal and after the meal almost more than the meal itself.  I … Continue reading

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Soul to Soul Parenting + A Giveaway!

As a parent I want to raise children that are happy, confident, spiritually conscious people.  I want to model self-love, gratitude, and authenticity to my children.  This is my life task, what it means to me to be a parent. … Continue reading

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Caffeine-Free Chai Recipe: A Family Favorite

I love cold weather in December.  The chilly end of year days are full of magic, the promise of holiday goodness and the possibility of wonder land snow.  Even the bulk of sweaters and coats feels exciting because they are all new, unpacked … Continue reading

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Chicken Enchilada Soup

I like to cook, but with three kids in the house kitchen time can be hard to come by.  I feel like lately our schedules, with classes and ballet and work (and the list could go on and on . … Continue reading

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The Best Message EVER

Last night I left my kids a message. This morning, after the hustle and bustle of breakfast and morning appointments was over, I noticed one of the kids (the literate one) left me a message in return. Nevermind that she … Continue reading

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