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Make Dinner Count: Turn Meal Time into a Positive Family Experience

As a single mother with three small children at home, dinner used to feel like a lot of work. My three kids often met my efforts with something like this: “I don’t want green beans again. She got the pink … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Recap: Keeping it Simple

The week of Thanksgiving I wanted to get to the store to buy table decorations for the big dinner – napkin rings, centerpieces, etc.  But with all that had to be done before the holiday, I never made it to the store.  … Continue reading

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Dutch Apple Mini Pies: Simplifying Holiday Desserts

When it comes to Thanksgiving, I am all about the pies.   I enjoy the turkey and I look forward to the stuffing.  I live for the pies!  But if pies are the best part of the holiday meal, they are … Continue reading

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Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes: Delicious Holiday Side Dish

I am in the process of finalizing our Thanksgiving menu.  While we have some tried and true recipes that have earned their place in the traditional meal, I still like to experiment and add a few new dishes to the … Continue reading

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Honk if you hate Christmas in November (I don’t)

I keep hearing complaints about Christmas arriving too early.  What?  We are talking about the same holiday, right?  That season of light and peace?  The holiday that inspires goodwill to all men and the joy of giving?   Can this really arrive too early? … Continue reading

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Get Organized By Paying Attention

I am becoming increasingly convinced that being successful in life (not to mention happy) is largely dependent on good organization skills.  This unoriginal light bulb moment happened for me last week when I hung up a key hook by the … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Liquid Dishwasher Detergent

While I understand and appreciate the merits of handwashing dishes, I am completely dependent on my dishwasher.  I like to think that someday, when I have that farm and big country kitchen and maybe a few more helping hands, I’ll … Continue reading

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